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Welcome to India Stack by me, Ankit Maloo. Cofounder at @Noomi | Building the Interest graph for generation Z.

What is India Stack?

This blog is mostly about trends and observations in Indian startup ecosystem (hence the name), various emerging themes, and a roundup of what I have read. It would be free forever, given I don’t write that often and I do believe that these kind of writings should reach everyone. I would also cover some topics that have made the news in International markets, and others about some current problems that can be solved by startups.

About Me

You can find me on LinkedIn here. I am also on Twitter , and you can reach me on email at hello@ankitmaloo.xyz. A typical story of most Indian grads, am an engineer too. Worked in a few startups, onto my second startup now, and always keen to share insights and learnings with the world.